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Jonathan Miller

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Jonathan is the co-founder of Level 7 Leadership – a leadership group committed to the conscious development of organizations and their leaders, in service of creating a world that works for everyone.

His experience lies primarily in the startup space, working with founders in the social impact and tech spaces. He coaches and mentors at multiple business accelerators on both business-related challenges and leadership development opportunities.

A systems thinker, he relies heavily on his experience and trained, professional coach and facilitator to manage his engagement. He is a firm believer in coming into all situations with an open, curious stance to find the best solutions.

He is not interested in quick fixes. He is committed to nothing short of the complete transformation of the planet toward one that is strongly sustainable for infinite generations to come.

In addition to his facilitation work, he is also a researcher at the Flourishing Enterprise Institute where he is in the process of developing a competency framework and assessment tool for Flourishing entrepreneurs.

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Accroissement de l'impact, Entreprise sociale

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Unltd, Represented Foundation, Digital Opportunity Trust, Wikirate

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