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Michelle Colussi

Michelle Colussi

Alberta, Colombie-Britannique
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Michelle worked with the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal on a variety of community economic development initiatives for 20 years before starting her own practice in 2013 and cofounding SHIFT Collaborative in 2017.

Michelle has worked largely in rural development projects with First Nations, local governments and NGO’s with a focus on community and organizational development, research, planning, evaluation and training. She was a lead in the development of the Community Resilience Manual (2000), supporting assessment and planning, and worked with the Government of Botswana to adapt the tool and train facilitators. Michelle facilitated a cross sector certification plan for Western Forest Products (2002 to 2005) and worked with Teslin Tlinghit Council (2010 to 2015) facilitating assessment, planning and coaching that improved performance and capacity across nine departments. She is in demand today for her strategic thinking, organizational development knowledge and planning and evaluation.

Michelle’s work with SHIFT Collaborative has focused on facilitating cross sector collaboration: from coaching several regional food system networks in BC, to training in inclusive practices for Working Group I of the International Panel on Climate Change. She is Canada’s lead Transition Town trainer, delivering on-line training with Transition US, and co-founder of Building Resilient Neighbourhoods.

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Entreprise sociale, Évaluation évolutive, Impact collectif

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Clients Innoweave

Victoria Community Foundation, Capital Region Food and Agriculture Roundtable, North Vancouver Community Foundation, Cowichan Healthy Communities, Seeds of Change Surrey, Sources Food Hub, North Shore Table Matters, Psychosocial Rehab and Recovery (PSR) Collaborative

Autres clients

Since 2016: Teslin Tlinghit Council, Vancouver Foundation, Victoria Community Foundation, Literacy Alberni Society, Victoria and BC Humane Societies, BC Healthy Communities, Capital Regional District, City of Victoria, Scale Collaborative, Capital Region Food and Agriculture Roundtable, Lifecycles Society, The Dock, United Way of Lower Mainland, Teenworks at CanAssist, Children's Health Foundation, The Circle, Worklinks, OneAbility Network, Transition US, International Panel on Climate Change WG I, Nunavut Housing Corporation

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