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Paul Cabaj

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Since 1988, I have consistently demonstrated his competence in leading social and economic innovation, with a particular interest in triple bottom line initiatives that balance social and environmental concerns with economic viability. A key area of strength is alternative financing, particularly the use of share issues and bonds to alIow an organization to convert its social capital into financial capital. I have a particular interest in scaling up existing initiatives, and improving efficiencies and costs via strategic partnerships with other organizations. Any clients I work with would have access to our in-house experts with experience in research, planning, and strategic communications. Clients would also be able to access Community and Co-operative Counsel, our legal services focused co-operatives and social enterprises’ needs, at a very accessible cost.

Domaine d’expertise

Accroissement de l'impact, Engagement constructif, Entreprise sociale, Évaluation évolutive, Explorer et expérimenter, Impact collectif, Préparation à des investissements de finance sociale

Langue(s) de travail

Anglais, Espanol, Français

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