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Salim Rocha

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Impact Consulting Associate, with more than 14 years costing, forecasting, reporting, budgeting, and supporting decision making on projects and businesses, tracking planning performance based on financial and strategic results, incomes, liabilities, and costs expectations in Governmental organizations with strong focus on socially disadvantaged population groups.

Extensive work developing business plans and financial models including cash flow analysis (forecasting, scenarios analysis), income statements, pro-forma projections (G/L, Balance Sheet), asset management, financing structure (liabilities structure, budgeting), financial and operative risk management, strategic dashboards (Balanced Scorecard) and other related financial analysis (NPV, FV, IRR), annual costs analysing (ABC cost model, EAC). Prospective management through simulation and forecasting models, analyzing business trends, market research, strategic and financial sustainability and revenue generation of new services and products. More than 10 years of experience measuring KPIs (efficiency, efficacy, productivity, impact) of Strategic Planning management (Balanced Scorecard, dashboards, goals, projects and action plans) and aligning the strategy to the operation.

Domaine d’expertise

Entreprise sociale, Utilisation des données

Langue(s) de travail

Anglais, Espanol

Autres clients

London Bridge Child Care Services, Escuela Tecnologica Instituto Tecnico Central, ICFES, ICETEX

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