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Sarah Nielsen

Sarah Nielsen

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Sarah Nielsen is the Managing Director of Relativ Impact in Canada and leads projects with clients and partners globally.

Relativ Impact is an impact solutions provider serving NGOs, Corporates, Grantmakers and Government Agencies in over thirty countries via our offices in Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand. Through impact management and measurement, resource mobilization, and strategic communications, we support purpose-driven organizations on their journeys to achieve significant environmental and social impact.

We believe that the key to building stakeholder value is dependent on your organization’s ability to define, deliver and communicate the significance of the impact you promise and practice.

We believe that meaningful impact is realized through accountability across stakeholder relationships in your ecosystem.

We consider your strategic objectives and context. We assess how your organization leverages resource mobilization and strategic communications in support of impact management for amplified impact.

With this understanding, we assist in designing and improving solutions to unlock your unique impact potential on your path to sustainability and significance.

The strategic frameworks of the Theory of Change, Shared Value, ‘Jobs to be Done’ and Relativ’s proprietary models and partner platforms are woven into our thinking, tools and training.

Domaine d’expertise

Accroissement de l'impact, Entreprise sociale, Évaluation évolutive, Mesure de l'impact, Utilisation des données

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CanadaHelps, Oxfam, Commonwealth Sport Foundation, Humber College, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment, Stellenbosch Business School, Old Mutual Limited, Breadline Africa, Mural Routes

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